The Yardi Senior Living Forum

The Yardi Senior Living Forum is designed to offer intensive training and networking in a more intimate atmosphere. The 2017 Forum took place on March 29 and 30, with clients joining us in Santa Barbara from across North America. We look forward to bringing you another outstanding educational experience in 2018, and we hope that attendees will continue to take advantage of this opportunity to connect with colleagues in the field and Yardi product experts.

Relive the Event!

Ray Elliot, Vice President of Senior Living, opened up the General Session and welcomed guests to the second annual Yardi Senior Living Forum in Santa Barbara.

The Yardi Senior Living Product Roadmap

Anant Yardi, our company’s President and Founder, took to the stage to discuss Yardi past and future and the senior living space in particular. Anant identified home health care as a high priority on the Yardi product roadmap, in addition to skilled nursing, eMAR and EHR service improvements, a RENTCafé Senior Living marketing and ILS interface, and resources for working with Medicare and Medicaid.

Anant Yardi at the Yardi Senior Living Forum

Trends in Senior Living

The science of aging is making strides in understanding the aging process and improving treatments for issues that arise in old age. Consequently, people are living longer. Less than 50 years ago, the older generation stopped being active at age 65. Now people are maintaining an active lifestyle well into their 80s. As senior living providers, our clients are offering more innovative technologies to allow residents to continue their active lifestyles into their later years, and to help them age in place. In addition to the changing needs of today’s seniors, Anant stressed how Yardi wants to partner with providers to ensure quality solutions for the unprecedented growth of the senior population.

Your Data, Secured

Jay Shobe speaking at the Yardi Senior Living Forum
Jay Shobe, Vice President of Technology, discussed the Yardi Cloud and cybersecurity. For senior living providers, Jay acknowledged the importance of keeping sensitive data such as HIPAA, electronic health records and medical files protected. He explained how Yardi is a leading provider of secured data encryption and the multiple lines of defense for our data farms, including backup generators, regular data security scans and testing the farms regularly for weaknesses.

Jay shared tangible takeaways for senior living providers to partner in the cybersecurity process. This included encouraging self-hosted clients to move to the Yardi Cloud, implementing and understanding the next-generation antivirus solutions on the market, and continuing education for employees. He urged clients to include cyber security as a component of annual training for employees and managers and discussing the ways in which data systems can be prone to viruses and ransomware attacks.

Classes, Networking and More

Attendees dispersed to begin their classes in Yardi software for community management, EHR, reporting and more. After classes wrapped on Wednesday, we enjoyed an evening dinner and reception for guests to get to know each other and their Yardi support team in a fun and relaxed environment.


Fess Parker DoubleTree Resort

Fess Parkers Doubletree Resort

The Senior Living Forum takes place at the beachside Fess Parker Resort in our hometown of Santa Barbara.

633 East Cabrillo Boulevard
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
(800) 879-2929

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